Today's Process

Where I was: I was stalled for some time.

Where I am: Today I'm up late, and with the overload of drawing and writing and getting started again. The inbox is full and was empty just last night.

This morning was looking at Shoo Rayner's thoughts on a new writing contraption: The Sailor fude-tip fountain pen and Platinum Carbon Black ink, from Japan. This has me in a place of asking again how I will illustrate. Watercolor is such a beautiful art, and I'm wondering if it will work for the light of eclipses. Time to experiment.

And this morning I'm taking a look at the enneagram personality tool as a character-building tool through a blog post by Standout Books. Profiling characters may well be a powerful way to get this train moving.

Where I will be: Next I will be taking in this day for all it has to offer. I will use the enneagram tool to begin processing character ideas, beginning with Seven and quickly flitting out to his continent-contact friends, considering the connections and life they may be given.

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